Evaluate and Re-Organize Government Agencies

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Baltimore City has suffered over the past 20 years a significant decline in population which has resulted in a drop in tax revenue to the City. Past Administrations raised taxes and maintained the theory that the remaining population of residents must make up the difference in tax revenue.

With a focus on accountability, my Administration will transform Baltimore City to become an energetic catalyst for entrepreneurship and smart business growth.

To accomplish this vision, the Stokes Administration will re-organize City government in the following three ways:



As Mayor, I will task the BDC to bring about the most effective opportunities for business growth that will bring more jobs to Baltimore and revitalize Baltimore neighborhoods while elevating the City’s image, globally, as a desirable place to work and live.

Baltimore City has lost not millions, but hundreds of millions of potential tax revenues under the former and current Administrations.

As Councilman, I drafted a White Paper in 2010 that outlines the judicious use of tax incentives to developers. I have always fought for what is fair for Baltimore City residents and businesses.



The goal is to ensure that neighborhood revitalization and community redevelopment are included in all of Baltimore’s Economic Development plans and programs.

A targeted emphasis will be placed on communities that are identified as vulnerable communities. A vulnerable community is a community that cannot support its self economically due to an absence of self-sustaining revenue resources that is compounded by excessive blight, insufficient access to healthy food, public transportation and jobs.

A Community Redevelopment task force will immediately identify which communities will be considered the most vulnerable and assist each community group within vulnerable communities to develop their own redevelopment plan with the goal of getting vulnerable communities turned around to becoming self-sustaining, economically balanced and safe communities.



The Planning Department can have a major influence in the shaping of our city. Baltimore’s blight and vacant buildings have existed for too long. The current question is “what is the Planning Department planning?”