Health and Transit


Keeping families healthy in Baltimore is a struggle. Strategies to address Baltimore’s health challenges will include:

1) I will lead the fight to sue lead paint companies in order to provide funding to abate homes of lead paint and much needed mental health services to those already poisoned.

2)  In our schools, we will provide mental health services to children and families.

3) The health department along with nonprofits will emulate healthy eating programs in all schools.  The departments of planning and health will be charged with aggressively identifying solutions to our food deserts. Much has been done in our city, more needs to be done.


My vision is of a city where the hundreds of thousands of people who depend on public transportation are able to get around reliably, easily, and safely.  And a city where all the different modes of transportation are well-linked through transit hubs and connections.

1) Work with the state on the efficiency of the MTA bus system. The current BaltimoreLINK proposal has started the discussion but their method is not the answer. One answer lies in routes within routes.

2) Build a modern day streetcar on North Avenue from Milton-to-Hilton to move large numbers of people along North Avenue day and night, shopping, visiting, participating in city services and programs (health, education, libraries, recreational), which will help grow businesses and jobs.

3)  Create three foot buffers between bike lanes and vehicles, and support the usage of flex posts to border the bike lane from the vehicle traffic. I will also highly consider for the safety of both bicyclists and pedestrians the elimination of “left on red” and the removal of “right on red” in specific high traffic bike and pedestrian areas.

4) Move towards a self-sustaining water taxi and circulator. One way is to identify who is using these modes of transportation to identify corporate partners – businesses whose employees use the circulator at a significant rate, retail businesses whose customers ride the circulator, hotels whose clients have access to the circulator, and anchor institutions that asked us to come to their sites and work out a service fee to alleviate the strains on the current budget.