Jobs, Training, and Business Growth

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Economic Development is about creating and maintaining balanced economies so that people, all people, may thrive and live healthy balanced lives. Economic Development is about small business as well as big business. It is about healthy communities that include arts and entertainment. It is about neighborhood re-development. It is about relevant education and preparing a skilled workforce that will have access to practical jobs and compensation. It is about implementing environmental sustainability, advocating for urban design practices that are inspiring, and budgeting resources for recreation and leisure. It is about promoting physical health and life safety for all citizens.

Bring More Jobs to Baltimore

  • Implement Market Driven Growth Strategies
  • Create Effective Economic Development Tools
  • Build a Skilled, Productive Workforce

Nurture a Business Friendly Environment

  • Property Tax Reform
  • Transportation and Transit
  • High Speed Internet Service
  • Regulations, Licensing and Permitting

Evaluate and Re-Organize Government Agencies

  • Evaluate the Baltimore Development Corporation
  • Implement an Inter-Agency Community Redevelopment Strategy
  • Departments of Planning and Department of Public Works

Address Underlying Social Factors

  • Public Safety
  • Public School Education