Getting our Schools Working

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High Quality Teaching and Learning

Transform Baltimore’s public schools into effective institutions focused on teaching and learning to produce college- and career-ready students

  • Ensure that each school has a highly qualified, visionary leader with adequate resources to create and maintain a world-class school
  • Implement an engaging, innovative, rigorous curriculum that incorporates real-world and 21st century skills
  • 89% fourth grade proficiency by 2020
  • Provide college- and career-readiness academic pathways for all students, beginning in middle school
  • Utilize creative strategies for teacher and administrator recruitment, offering incentives for those who live in Baltimore City
  • Offer relevant, high quality, ongoing professional growth opportunities for teachers and administrators
  • Strengthen partnerships among all stakeholders to support school success
  • Learning environment that encourages and stimulates
  • Provide wrap-around resources for students and families
  • Mandatory extended day for 4-8 grades
  • Structuring Out of School Time programming to achieve academic excellence

System-Wide Accountability

Optimize accountability for student achievement, responsible stewardship of resources, positive school climate, effective operations, and parent and community involvement

  • Increase the education budget from 11-13% of the city’s budget to 30-35% within four years
  • Audit each administrative office and department to ensure the use of resources aligns with specific goals and objectives leading to improved student achievement
  • Implement a streamlined and efficient administration that eliminates bureaucratic obstacles to school success
  • Support the 21st Century School Buildings Plan to ensure students and communities have access to modern, technology-equipped learning spaces
  • Establish and enforce system-wide standards for discipline and classroom conduct to reduce disruptive behavior
  • Streamline system-wide student accountability and assessment programs
  • Partially elected and representative School Board of Commissioners