Public Safety

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“The greater impact to improving public safety is education and jobs.” – Carl Stokes

Prevention, Intervention, Enforcement, and Trust will result in dramatic reductions in crime, from homicide to nuisance offenses. To sustain a safe environment in the long-term, we must look at the interrelationship between crime and education, jobs, and recreation. Looking at short-term solutions we will look to passing new gun laws, community policing, and getting repeat violent offenders and the bad cops off the streets.

For example, we cannot work together to implement effective crime prevention programs with a diminishing tax base. We cannot combat crime if taxpayers leave the city at the current rate. We must develop programs ranging from encouraging home ownership to changing the conditions of poverty and hopelessness that foster criminal activity. Unless we provide our children with adequate education that will prepare them for the future, we cannot divert them from the attractions of drugs and the resulting crime. We must recognize the interrelated nature of these issues.


  • Educate our Children
  • Build a Skilled Workforce
  • Drug Treatment
  • Youth Recreation and Jobs
  • Re-Entry Programs to Reduce Recidivism


  • Teen Court
  • Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Community Court


  • Focus on Violent Repeat Offenders
  • State Gun Legislation


  • Community Policing
  • Policing the Police
  • Data and Transparency