Stokes pledges his support to the Public Safety Compact

Today, I pledged to support the Public Safety Compactan initiative of The Maryland Opportunity Compact, a private/public financing tool that redirects funding from ineffective, high cost programs (such as foster care, juvenile confinement, and – most relevant here – prisons,) to alternative interventions that produce better results for less public funding.

The goals are to make sure that in Baltimore:

  • Babies are born healthy.
  • Children live in safe and nurturing families.
  • Children enter school ready to learn.
  • Children are successful in school.
  • Young people make healthy choices.
  • Young people live in safe neighborhoods.
  • Community adults value and appreciate young people.

“When elected Mayor, I do solemnly pledge to negotiate the Public Safety Compact (PSC) with the State. Opportunity Compacts are proven reinvestment models and are included in Maryland’s new Justice Reinvestment Act. I will bring our people and money home as an act of fiscal responsibility and human rights.”