Solutions for Baltimore


Carl Stokes Plan to Get Baltimore Working



“Eighty-nine percent of 4th graders are below grade proficiency in reading and math. I commit to turning that number around in two school years.”
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Public Safety

“The greater impact to improving public safety is education and jobs. Education and jobs are a solution to eliminating crime; policing is a reaction.”
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“It is time to pay attention to one of Baltimore’s greatest assets, our neighborhoods, the outer harbor.”
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Tax Reform

“Incentivizing investment with a lower tax rate will create both jobs and economic viability. I propose cutting the tax by 50 percent within 5-8 years.”
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Bring In More Jobs

“Baltimore residents need more job opportunities with higher paying wages. With an annual per capita income of $24,750 and a median value of housing units at $157,900, many of our residents don’t earn enough to pay the rent or make ends meet.”
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Nurture Business Environment

“Reducing the property tax, improving transit, high speed internet service, and a review of licensing and regulations will make businesses work in Baltimore.”
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Evaluate Government Agencies

“With a focus on accountability, my Administration will transform Baltimore City to become an energetic catalyst for entrepreneurship and smart business growth.”
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Health and Transit

“Healthy citizens, healthy homes and communities and transit that works to get you from home to where you learn, work, and pray are part of the plan to Get Baltimore Working!”
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